Ab Circle Pro Does It Work?

Does the Ab Circle Pro work? The Ab Circle Pro is another in a long series of “amazing” “breakthrough” abdominal machines touted to help you lose weight. Here is how it’s supposed to work: You swing your body back and forth iAb Circle Pro and Jennifer Nicole Leen an arching motion. This, they say actives the abs and obliques to burn fat and reduce the midsection. I wrote this Ab Circle Pro review after I saw the Ab Circle Pro commercial  on TV and decided to challenge their statements so you would know better if the Ab Circle Pro was right for you.

Here are some the facts you should know about before you buy the Ab Circle Pro

At least 10 times during the infomercial you see this statement

“The complete ab circle pro system includes a reduced calorie diet and regular aerobic exercise”.

So, if you just used the Ab Circle Pro for 3 minutes a day (as they say to should) and did not eat less and do aerobic exercise, you WILL NOT lose weight like they hint you will.

They say that the Ab Circle Pro gets you to your aerobic target heart rate zone faster than any aerobic machine in the gym. If that’s so, why are they also recommending additional aerobic exercise as part of the Ab Circle Pro program? Think about it, they say that Ab Circle Pro is like “a treadmill for the abs”. If that’s really true, then you shouldn’t have to do extra aerobic exercise, right?

If you’re not used to the Ab Circle Pro, then it’s likely that you will get to your target heart rate faster – but getting there faster doesn’t mean the Ab Circle Pro is better.

How long will you stay at your target heart rate? They don’t say.

How many calories do you burn when you using the Ab Circle Pro? They don’t say.

They often recommend using it for only 3 minutes a day. How many calories does that burn? They don’t say that either.

I have no doubt that if you are not used to it, the Ab Circle Pro will increase your heart rate some and you may start to sweat a little too.

But what happens after 2 or 3 weeks later? I’d bet that you would get used to the Ab Circle Pro  and this would result in less sweating, less increase in heart rate and less calories used. For those who want to compare prices, here is the Ab Circle Pro on Amazon.

Has anybody used it for more than a few weeks? What happened?

Like a Treadmill for the Abs – really?

The statement that the Ab Circle Pro is it’s like a treadmill for the abs makes you think it  is as good at cardio as a treadmill. Where is the proof? They don’t say. They do mention an “independent study” but I can’t see where it’s published, Its not listed on the Ab Circle Pro website or the website for Jennifer Nicole Lee, the spokeswoman of the Ab Circle Pro. How many people were in the study have? How long the study last? They don’t say.

Don’t believe phrases like “independent study” or “clinically proven”. They don’t mean anything. Phrases like these have been used so many times to sell products that they hold little very meaning anymore. Instead look for “published peer-reviewed study”. That’s my litmus test.

Jennifer Nicole Lee says that you get her “lose your love handle system when you buy the Ab Circle Pro. But why would somebody need this program if the Ab Circle Pro is like treadmill for the abs?

Could it be that cutting calories is needed to get the results shown in the infomercial? Of course it is; that’s why it says at the bottom of each testimonial on the infomercial that the people using the Ab Circle Pro also reduced their calories (and did aerobic exercise).

3 minutes on the Ab Circle Pro equals 100 sit ups. Really?

They say that 3 minutes on the Ab Circle Pro equals 100 sit ups. But, there is no research to substantiate this number. Who proved it? Where is the study published? Of course the Ab Circle Pro will activate the abs and other abdominal muscles to a degree but until they do a peer reviewed study and get it published in a peer-reviewed journal, I don’t believe it.

The Ab Circle Pro guarantees that you’ll lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I’m pretty sure people will lose weight during the first 2 weeks  – if they follow the entire program and here is the main reason why: the low calorie eating plan. When we reduce our calories and / or the carbs we eat, we cause our body to use  glycogen, which is carbohydrates that our body stores for future use. When we use this energy, we release a LOT of water in the process.

This is actually how the Atkins and South Beach Diet work. They get you to cut your carbs for the first 2 weeks of the diet. After two weeks, people lose a lot of weight – most of it is water. Your first sign of weight loss is frequent trips to the bathroom when you are on these diets.

They say that the Ab Circle Pro works because it combines cardiovascular exercise and abdominal exercise. But what the infomercial doesn’t show is the proof that the Ab Circle Pro burns calories as well as a treadmill etc. Not once in the Ab Circle Pro infomercial did I see a published peer reviewed study proving that the Ab Circle Pro was as good as a treadmill, bike, elliptical, etc at burning calories.

Who is Jennifer Nicole Lee?

Jennifer Nicole Lee is not only the spokesperson for the Ab Circle Pro she is also the co-creator and designer too. According to her website she is “a fitness model and the CEO of her multi-million dollar empire”, called JNL.  What I found interesting was that her website does not list her  health and fitness education or fitness certifications. In the infomercial they say Jennifer is a :

“Fitness Celebrity” and an “Expert Fitness Celebrity”

Both of these titles have no official definition so they are basically meaningless.  I know from her website and the infomercial that she lost about 70 pounds and that’s wonderful. But, I would expect somebody with the title of “expert” to have at least a MS degree in exercise science. As the CEO of a multimillion dollar fitness corporation, I know she’s smart. But does that translate into her expertise in muscle physiology, cardiovascular physiology, fitness testing, sports nutrition or other areas which a fitness expert should have?

All advertisements for ab gizmos make people think that that by exercising the abs you will lose weight / fat from the abs. This is called spot reduction and it’s a myth. Think about it – Practically every abdominal exercise device you have ever seen on TV is based on this myth. We cannot lose fat from just one part of our body. If we could, you would see skinnier dominant arms on baseball pitchers and tennis players. But we don’t see this.

While they never specifically say spot reduction in the infomercial, all the pictures and talk about abs leads one to believe that this is what will happen when you use the Ab Circle Pro. Does Jennifer Nicole Lee believe in spot reduction? I have never met her but I’d like to know if anybody has asked her this question. If she doesn’t believe in spot reduction, then how does she rationalize marketing an ab gizmo whose implied marketing premise IS spot reduction?

For more on the Ab circle Pro, read the review at DrBillofHealth.com by Dr. William Sukala.

Will The Ab Circle Pro work?

Based on the claims and statements made in the Ab Circle Pro  infomercial I come the following conclusions

  • If people use the Ab Circle Pro AND eat fewer calories AND do aerobic exercise 4-7 days a week for 30-60 minutes a day, I think they will lose some weight – maybe even 10 pounds in 2 weeks.
  • If people ONLY use the Ab Circle Pro for 3 minutes a day without doing the other stuff, they will work their abdominal muscles only. This will lead to very little – if any  – weight loss.
  • Those not accustomed to the Ab Circle Pro should begin with only 30 seconds to 1 minute for the first week. This will help cut down on muscle soreness the next day.
  • If you have osteoporosis, you should not use the Ab Circle Pro or do any exercise that causes you to do a sit up or crunch movement or twisting of the spin. In people with osteoporosis, this might cause fractures of the spinal cord bones.
  • People with heart disease and/or high blood pressure should get up slowly after using the Ab Circle Pro. Getting up too fast could cause people to faint from a drop in blood pressure.

Update. On May 20 2011 the TV news show 20/20 did a segment on infomercials and featured the claims made by Jennifer  Nicole Lee in her Ab Circle Pro commercial. 20/20 reports that in 2006 JNL told people on the Oprah Show that she lost her weight by doing squats while using her son her son Dylan as resistance.

But, in the Ab Circle Pro infomercial JNL doesn’t mention doing squats with her infant son but rather attributes all of her weight loss to the Ab Circle Pro. In her words, “all thanks to the Ab Circle Pro”. This is interesting since Jennifer Nicole Lee lost her 80 pounds in 2004 –  before the Ab Circle Pro was being sold.

When 20/20 contacted JNL for their segment, she disputed that her weight loss was “All thanks to the Ab Circle Pro” –even though 20 /20 had her own voice saying it on TV.  After complaints about how JNL lost her weight, the company that makes the Ab Circle Pro changed the wording used in product ads saying :

“Ms Lee used the Ab Circle Pro to maintain weight loss that she had already achieved”

Likewise, the claim that people can get their exercise in as little as 3 minutes a day has also been dropped from Ab Circle Pro ads.

20/20 also consulted with Pratt Institute Photoshop expert William Hilson who claimed that the before pictures used in the Ab Circle Pro ads appear to be computer “stretched” – to make people look wider than they really are. While the company that makes the Ab Circle Pro maintains that the before pictures were not altered, 20/20 reports that the before pictures have been dropped from ads.

After JNL agreed to a formal sit down interview with 20/20 (she was originally confronted  as she left a tanning salon),  20/20 reported that JNLs lawyer contacted them and threatened to have them arrested if they tried to contact JNL again.

Update August 24 2012. Thanks to the website Stoneheartnewsletters.com I became aware that the US Federal Trade Commission has ordered the company that makes Ab Circle Pro to pay 25 million dollars in refunds because of deceptive advertising.  Here is the FTC report on the Ab Circle Pro. There you can also apply for a refund as well.

For those who want to try the Ab Circle Pro, I don’t think you have to pay a lot for it anymore. Here is the Ab Circle Pro on Amazon for those who are interested.

What do you think?


  1. Carolyn Bowden says

    Hi, Joe!
    Do you think that using the “oblique” machine and the “ab-back” machine in the Curves circuit is risky for people with osteoporosis? As you know, the oblique machine involves being seated upright and sitting slightly forward and twisting the upper torso from a 10 to 2 o’clock rotation with resistance on the pull. The ab-back is basically a crunch from a seated position, again with resistance. Are they safe? What about the hip abductor adductor? Does that increase pressure on the hip joints?

    Thanks… :0

    • Joe Cannon says

      Hi Carolyn
      Its hard to say one way or another because there is so little research on this. Once it was discovered that flexion of the spine might be bad for those with osteoporosis, I don’t think anybody wanted to try to replicate the finding. I’d guess that if they do those machines, it would be better if they move slowly through a pain free range of motion rather than going fast. for those with really bad osteoporosis, it might be best to avoid them especially in the beginning. They are using those same muscles on other machines – like the squat, which I’m told most ladies at Curves hate doing 😉
      hope that helps!

  2. Andy says

    Great review.
    I saw this device on an late night informational several weeks ago, the very idea of using this machine for extended periods as a form of cardiovascular exercise to aid weight loss is laughable, but many people take the claims made for these devices seriously.
    I strongly believe legislation should be put in place that forces such contraptions to be tested to ensure they are fit for purpose before being marketed to an unwary public.
    It’s the 21st century but the snake oil salesman are still doing a brisk business.

  3. Joe Cannon says

    Thanks Johnathan, I get that journal and I guess I missed the study. Good points that other exercises can be similar or even superior to the Ab Circle Pro.

  4. Sue says

    I used to be a follower of Jennifer Nicole lee (jnl) and came very close to purchasing her online program….but than she came out with this gimmick! I lost total trust in anything she has to offer.

  5. Linda says

    I have been using the ab circle pro now for about 45 days. I also do an aerobic workout on my treadmill as well. I am quite skeptical after reading the article above as to whether the ab circle pro will provide me with the benefits that I have been wanting to achieve.

    I have also reduced my caloric intake, but as far as widdling my middle, I haven’t noticed as to whether that process has been achieved. As far as sweating, I am sweating as much if not more today from the ab circle pro as I was 45 days ago, so it may be just me, but that hasn’t decreased. I dont own a scale so I am unsure as to whether I have dropped any pounds or not from adding the ab circle pro to my workouts.

    I am going to continue with my daily 30 minutes on the ab circle pro, in my opinion, adding a 30 minute workout to my fitness routine cannot hurt.

  6. Joe Cannon says

    Hi Linda,
    Remember that Ab Circle Pro will only strengthen the muscles if your mid section. The Ab Circle Pro will not burn fat from your midsection. That is called spot reduction and it’s impossible (unfortunately).

    Since the muscles of your legs are bigger than the muscles of your midsection you will burn more calories on the treadmill than on the Ab Circle Pro so I suggest putting extra time on the treadmill and using the Ab Circle Pro less.

    Since you have cut your calories (just a little is all that’s needed) and are using the treadmill, then I think you will eventually see results.

    Don’t worry about the scale. If your clothes are fitting better, that’s the best best feedback.

  7. chelsea says

    I’ve just got the ab circle pro today for about £70 pounds, they seem good but the thing is people are saying that they are breaking to fast i got the leaflet saying about carbs and fats and that cutting down on fat is myth, I’m not sure but I’m going to drink more water and cut back on a few calories and go on the wii fit and just dance two for the wii, i think this may help to loose weight as if you say I’m only thirteen but in need to loose some weight cause im going in to the obese section :(

  8. Joe Cannon says

    Hi Chelsea,
    What you say is true – you will see better weight loss by cutting down on a few calories a day rather than cutting back on fat (you can lose weight by reducing fat from your diet, but this is because fat has a lot of calories – so as you cut back on fat, you are also cutting back on calories). To be healthy however its also good to eat less fat because too much fat is bad for us.

    I am an exercise physiologist so let me try to help you. As I said to Linda who commented above, the Ab Circle Pro won’t burn fat from your tummy but it will help make the muscles of your tummy stronger. If you like using the Ab Circle Pro then use it. But I also want you to take a walk or do some other type of aerobic exercise (biking, jogging, hiking, swimming etc). If you can, try to walk for at least 30 minutes a day to start. If you can, try to walk 45 minutes t0 60 minutes a day. try to walk (or do some other type of aerobic exercise) at least 4-5 times a week. This will help you burn off the most calories.
    So this is what I say to try

    1. walk 45-60 minutes a day 4-5 days per week

    2. cut back on the calories you eat by just a wee bit (you can do this by just not eating past 7pm for example)

    3. use the Ab Circle Pro 2 to 3 days per week (dont use the Ab Circle Pro too much this week or your muscles will be very sore. let your muscles get used to the Ab Circle Pro for the first week)

    4. Focus on being healthy, not being skinny. Remember there are skinny people out there who are not healthy. I want you to be healthy and fit :)

    At 13, you are in a good place to lose weight Chelsea. Your metabolism is very high right now. Its good that you are exercising now rather than 10 years from now when it will be harder to lose weight. Don’t be in a hurry to lose weight. Take it one day at a time, focus on being healthy and you will be OK. write back and keep me posted on your exercise. I have faith in you :)

    Cherrio from across the pond!!

    • Renee says

      Ab circle pro will help you burn calories if you use it more than 3 mins a day. Lets live in reality, there is no magic cure for obesity. Just good old fashion workout, portion control and a balance diet. I use it for at least an 30-60 mins a day. It helps but I also alternate my exercise with Supreme 90 sort of like PX90, but it use more weights to build muscle. By the way ladies do not be afraid to use heavy weights, it helps and will not bulk you up.

  9. jacklena says

    I read over what you said about the ab circle pro and it made a lot of sense. But i do have one question, my aunt carly bought that ab circle pro too. She said she lost 13lbs the first three weeks, and then the next four weeks she gained lots of muscle in the ab’s and oblique’s. she said she didn’t really lower calories so i don’t see how she lost fat on he stomach….can u explain this to me?

  10. Joe Cannon says

    I have a couple of ideas. Maybe your Aunt used the ab circle pro a lot during that 3 weeks and maybe she also did some sort of aerobic activity to beef up the calories she burned. Its also possible that since the Ab circle pro was a new form of exercise for her, that it temporary caused her to burn an inordinate amount of calories for the first few weeks.

    This idea about burning an unusually high number of calories at first is something that exercise gizmos tout a lot in commercials. Often commercials say stuff like “the tread climber burns more calories than a treadmill” – but that’s only for the first few weeks. Once people get used to the tread climber, it uses the same calories as the treadmill.

    Your aunt said she “didn’t really” lower calories – but did she reduce calories a little bit? Even a small reduction in calories can lead to weight loss.

    I have no doubt that using the ab circle pro will strengthen ab muscles. Can you ask your aunt if she lost an additional 13 pounds after the next 3 weeks?

    That would be my guess. The important thing is that your aunt has been working out and has been seeing results. My hope is that she keeps with it :)

  11. Heather says

    some things to consider…if you dont want to click links,
    search better business bureau then look for ab circle pro
    youtube then search consumer reports ab circle pro
    and the final one is an abstract on study done by eastern illinois university …

    better business bureau is sure aware of them…231 complaints in past 36 months…

    “Complaint Experience
    Of the complaints we have received against this company, in at least some cases, the complaint allegations are very serious. Complainants allege various ordering, billing, delivery, and customer service issues.

    Complainants allege receiving unauthorized purchases, incomplete orders or missing parts/components, failure to deliver products, and difficulty contacting customer service to make cancellations, obtain RMAs, or clarify billing and delivery disputes. Complainants also allege overcharging, difficulty obtaining refunds, and misleading advertising.

    Other complainants allege they are billed for and shipped automatic orders of vitamins although they did not authorize enrollment into the “vitamin program”, inability to cancel shipments, or failure to disclose product use and warranty terms. The company responds to some complaints by shipping orders, replacing items, issuing RMA’s, canceling orders, or providing contact information.

    The company responds to other complaints by issuing credits or refunds, or denying complaint allegations indicating they have recordings of phone calls to support their position. In some cases, the company fails to properly address the complaint allegations or their responses are inadequate.”


    J Strength Cond Res. 2010 Dec;24(12):3415-21.
    A comparison of trunk muscle activation: ab circle vs. traditional modalities.
    Willardson JM, Behm DG, Huang SY, Rehg MD, Kattenbraker MS, Fontana FE.

    Department of Kinesiology and Sports Studies, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois, USA. jmwillardson@eiu.edu
    The purpose of this study was to compare the activation of the rectus abdominis (RA), external oblique abdominis (EO), lower abdominal stabilizers (LASs), and lumbar erector spinae (LES) during performance of 3 traditional trunk exercises vs. exercise on the Ab Circle device. Surface electromyography was used to assess 12 subjects (6 men, 6 women) for 6 exercise conditions, including: abdominal crunch, side bridge, quadruped, and Ab Circle levels 1-3. For the RA, the abdominal crunch elicited significantly greater activity vs. the Ab Circle level 1, and the side bridge elicited significantly greater activity vs. the Ab Circle levels 1 and 2. For the EO, the side bridge elicited significantly greater activity vs. the quadruped. No significant differences were noted between conditions for the LASs. For the LES, the side bridge and quadruped elicited significantly greater activity vs. the abdominal crunch. The results of this study indicate that the anterior, posterior, and lateral trunk musculature can be activated to similar or even greater levels by performing the 3 traditional trunk exercises vs. the Ab Circle. This was particularly evident for the side bridge exercise, which elicited significantly greater activity of the RA vs. the Ab Circle levels 1 and 2, and elicited similar activity of the EO, LASs, and LES at all 3 Ab Circle levels.

  12. Joe Cannon says

    Thanks for letting me know that Heather. I did see that study on the Ab Circle Pro you referenced also. Very interesting!

  13. Heather says

    Your welcome…just the bbb reports would make me not buy one if i was considering it…if there are too many risks to a product, and if the study shows that 3 minutes of that : 9 minutes traditional…i would rather do traditional then risk the headaches of returning product or getting off the automail of a pill i wouldn’t take

  14. Mel says

    I have been using the Ab circlePro for about three weeks now, i normally do the exercise for the inner thigh, would this increase the size of my outer thigh or reduce the size?????

  15. Joe Cannon says

    Hi Mel, doing the exercises for the inner thighs will not burn fat from the inner thighs only. So just doing the Ab Circle Pro should not reduce the size of the thighs (unless you are eating less calories and doing aerobic exercise – in that case the combination of exercise and eating fewer calories will cause weight loss from all over your body – not just your thighs).

    Losing weight/fat from just one part of the body is called spot reduction and it does not work.

    We can spot build (building up the muscle that is exercised) but I don’t think the Ab Circle Pro will cause a lot of build up of muscle on the inner thighs because you are not using a lot of resistance. I would not totally rule it out in some people but I think in most people this won’t happen.

    let me know if you have other questions :)

  16. Felicia says

    I need to lose inches for my wedding dress. I have been running and going to the gym at least 4 times a week. Will the ab circle help me or is there some other exercises out there that I can incorporate with the running that will work just as well? (I just had a baby on April 15th)

  17. Joe Cannon says

    Hi Felicia, save your money on the Ab Circle Pro. It only strengthens muscles. it does not burn fat from the tummy. How many calories a day are you eating? I like that you are working out 4x a week. That does burn some calories.

    If you cut a few calories from your diet, that will help even more.

    Check out my post on “what weight loss supplement is the best”

    notice how many calories are used for exercise vs how much is used to maintain your resting metabolism (BMR). There are 168 hours in a week. You are working out about 4 hours or so in a week or so. Thats good but also look at what else you can do for those other 164 hours.

    The best thing is to cut out about 250 calories from your daily calorie intake. If you did this you would lose about 1/2 lb per week on average (exercise will cause a little bit more than this)

    If you do not know how many calories you are eating now, write everything down. you can enter this into online food programs which will calculate all of this for you. A site I like is FitDay.com

    I think this will be better than the Ab Circle Pro Felicia. Hope this helps you.

  18. Felicia says

    Thank you very much! I have actually just recently cut back to about 1600 calories per day and cut out all pop about two weeks ago. I just want to be healthy and keep up somewhat with my three year old and two month old without dragging. I also of course want to fit in my wedding dress. I’m not so concerned about what the scale is telling me but more about how my body and energy level are feeling. I just want to be a healthy 23 yr old again.
    Thanks again Joe

  19. Joe Cannon says

    Felicia, anytime. yes 1600 calories is about the lowest you want to go if you are working out 4x a week. if you feel your energy level dropping up it a wee bit and see how you feel then. You’ll get there, just give it time. At 23, you are still “under warranty” 😉

  20. lyna says

    i was wondering what kind of exercise can you do to put weight on your legs but not your stomach and would the abs circle pro help if i used i??

    • Joe Cannon says

      Hi Lyna, when you say “put weight on your legs” I am going to assume you mean muscle (Im sure you dont want your legs to be fatter). The best way to add muscle to your legs is to do some type of leg strengthening exercises. I am not sure of starting point -exercise wise – so I will suggest that you get a kitchen chair and sit down on it. Then, slowly stand up. Then slowly sit back down. Do this for 10 times. Give yourself a few days rest and then do it again – but do 2 sets of those 10 times. Take your time and work up to doing 3 sets of standing and sitting in the kitchen chair. That will strengthen the legs and butt.

      If you belong to a gym, there are many exercises that can add muscle to your legs. If you are not sure of how to use the machines, I suggest you ask one of the personal trainers at the gym. Do not let the sales person at the gym show you! Some gyms – like LA Fitness – let sales people act like personal trainers but they ARE NOT personal trainers. They dont know what they are doing usually. Just an “insider tip” I thought I’d pass along to you.

      As for the Ab Circle Pro, save your money. It will not really work your legs at all and I dont think it will flatten your tummy either.

  21. lyna says

    thank you Joe,but i have a friend who use’s the abs circle and she said it works but it doesn’t make you lose your legs, so what kind excise are best for my stomach, because i want to put on a little bit of weight on my legs but not stomach.

    • Joe Cannon says

      Lyna, the belly is one of the first areas that starts to lose weight. I would recommend a simple walking program. If you like to bike ride than a bicycle would be great too. Walking is easiest so that’s why I mentioned it. If you did 45 min of walking a day, 5 days per week (and cut back a Little bit on food) that should make a difference. Getting back to the gym idea I mentioned before, there is some evidence that strength training helps women lose belly fat.
      I think your friend who uses the Ab Circle is probably eating less food and that is what is causing weight loss. Is she only doing the Ab Circle? how many minutes per day and days per week is she doing it?

  22. lyna says

    she used the abs circle pro only and it only made her stomach small but it doesn’t really make you lose your legs, cause at the moment i wanna the kind of exercise that makes you lose your stomach only and i wanna add on weight on my legs, i do eat healthy stuff plus the only thing i drink is water i don’t like sugar stuff and mostly i don’t eat fast food restaurant i usually home made food and i sort of like a vegetarian i don’t eat lots meat, but i like fish and sea food.

    • Joe Cannon says

      well you are going to lose weight from all over your body at the same time – but at different speeds. the belly is one of the first to start to shrink. You can try the Ab Circle but I honestly still dont feel it will trim your tummy if that is all you are doing. We cant just lose weight from the abs. It sounds like your diet is pretty healthy. I think just taking a 30 min walk a day 5 days a week should do the trick. If you want to use the Ab Circle I wouldn’t buy a new one. check eBay or Craigslist and try to get it cheaper. that way if it doesn’t work, at least your not out as much money.

  23. jessica says

    Hi I’m Jessica,and i have been using the ads circle for about four weeks one time a day along walking and jogging, and a little diet. I use the abs circle for about 30 mins each day. The thing is i don’t no which one is helping me lose the weight. If it do not work for me i will not feel bad because i didn’t by it i borrow it.

    • Joe Cannon says

      Jessica, its not that the ab circle pro isn’t doing anything – the important thing is that you are making progress and that is what is most important to me :)

  24. Gautham says

    I am already lost my weight from 82kg to 68kg…But i got flabby skin around my stomach with fat…for tht abs circle help to me…

    • Joe Cannon says

      Gautham, the Ab Circle Pro will make the muscles stronger but I dont think it will help the lose skin. See a doctor about this. A dermatologist may be able to give you a good idea about the elasticity of your skin and how much the Ab Circle might help.

  25. Moons2u says

    I think the whole point is whatever shape or form of exercise you use it is going to help. People say WBV machines are no good too but I have one and I love it, it makes you feel good all over and I can seriously work up a sweat on it if I want too. The ab circle pro is like that too.

    Some people have a habit if buying things and not using them and then saying it doesn’t work. I am buying an ab circle because I’m getting old and it gets you off the floor simple as that. I have a lot to lose if it works it works if not it is at least some form of exercise and doing me some form of good.

    • Joe Cannon says

      Moons2u, I do agree the best exercise is the one you will do on a regular basis. I do hope the Ab Circle Pro helps you and I do agree whole body vibration makes us feels good all over :)


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