Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer Review

The 10 minute trainer is a 10 minute long exercise program advertised on TV that’s supposed to change people’s body in just 10 minutes a day. The infomercial says 10 Minute Trainer was created by Tony Horton, the person behind the popular P90X .

At the heart of the 10 Minute Trainer is the Super Stacking which the infomercial says is a “synergistic of series of moves”. Super stacking is technically not an official exercise principle. In other words, The phrase has never appeared in any exercise science or personal training book I have ever read.  Rather, the phrase was created to refer to combining (“stacking”) several exercises back to back with little to no rest in between. Exercising this way increases the aerobic exercise portion of the workout and the calories used as one exercises.

To get the optimal weight loss results, people must also follow the 10 Minute Trainer eating program which you get when you buy 10 Minute Trainer. Also, any results you see will be greater if you do the program for more than 10 minutes a day.  To the credit of the infomercial, they also say that people can do the 10 Minute Trainer more than once a day. So a person could in theory do 10 Minute Trainer three times a day (30 minutes total).

Is 10 Minute Trainer Different than P90X?

Since Tony Horton is one of the faces behind both workouts, a legitimate question is whether 10 Minute Trainer is different from P90X. Both programs require people to perform exercises with little rest. This maximizes the time spent exercising and more importantly – the calories used. Where they differ is that 10 Minute Trainer is marketed to people who feel they have limited time to exercise and those who are just starting an exercise program. P 90 X on the other hand is marketed to those who want an “extreme” workout.  Both P90X and 10 minute trainer are good workouts.

For beginners, I would start with 10 Minute Trainer before progressing to  the more intense, P90X workout. While men are featured in the infomercial, 10 Minute Trainer appears to be marketed heavily to women. Men, however, can do the program  – and  they will find the workout challenging especially in the beginning and especially if they are not used to working out and performing the types of exercises utilized in the 10 Minute Trainer.

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  1. Sheena says

    Hi Joe,

    I have read both your reviews on the 10 minute trainer programme and the ab circle pro. In addition I have read additional reviews on these two exercise programmes.

    My question is, as someone is unfit and has poor core strength and very little spare time, what kind of weight loss and fitness regime would you recommend? The reviews I have read about the ab cirle pro have made me skeptical of this gadget and the advertisement ‘seems too good to be true’ and if it seems it, it probably is?! To me, the 10 minute trainer seems a more realistic and applicable exercise plan, but again, has the advert simplified its concept too much?

    My main problem is there is a total lack of exercise in my routine. My diet is balanced but could be improved, but as I mentioned earlier, with limited time and exceptionally poor fitness, what is the best solution for losing weight/toning up and more importantly getting fit.

    Many thanks,


    • Joe Cannon says

      Sheena, sorry it took so long to get back to you. We were all getting ready for Hurricane Irene over here. Thank goodness it wasn’t as bad where I am as they were forecasting.

      Since you said you have a total lack of exercise, I recommend you start a walking program first. I think this will give you much more benefits than the 10 minute trainer. I say this because, as you say, you are starting from square one. That means that ANY exercise you do, will give you benefits. I would much rather you start with this-and since waking is free, it will save you money too. Start out walking only 10 minutes (or less. stop when you start to feel tired). A walking track (many schools have them) would be nice since you are just going around in a circle and you dont have to walk far to get back to your car or home if you get really tired. Every 3 or 4 days days try to do an extra minute or so. My ultimate goal for you is to walk 60 minute a day 4-6 days per week but if you can do 30 minutes a day 5-6 days week that is very good also!

      The thing to remember with all of these exercise programs – 10 minute trainer, P90X ect – is that when it comes to weight loss, none of them will cause a lot of weight loss alone. This is why all of them come with some type of healthy eating program. Remember, exercise alone is not usually the best way to only lose weight. Unless you work out for 2 hours a day 7 days a week, exercise alone densest cause a lot of weight loss. This is why I recommend you save your money and just start a walking program.

      I think the walking program will be very good also because walking will help your body adapt to exercise and lead to less injuries. Since you are starting from scratch my fear is that the 10 minute trainer may cause some overuse injuries if you do it too much. This can happen with any exercise program but walking is generally one of the least likely to do this (tip. if your heels ever start to feel sore when you get out of bed after you start the walking program, stretch your calves. The condition is called Plantar fasciitis and it sometimes occurs after you start waking programs. this is why I suggested to start out with just 10 min or so and build up slowly.

      Because the 10 minute trainer is from the company Beach Body, keep in mind that if you try this program, they may try to get you to use their health shakes. You dont need these health shakes. there is nothing special about them other than that they are low in calories. I do. I have written extensive reviews on their products that I suggest you look over before you use them

      As for the Ab circle pro, I agree its a very over hyped exercise gizmo. In addition to my Ab Circle pro review you read here is another review that I like very much

      With respect to your diet, try this trick – eat everything from smaller plates and bowels (coffee saucer for example). research shows this helps us lose weight. I say this since you say your diet is pretty good overall. This small tip may be something that will help you a lot.

      Sheena do let me know if you have any other questions or other issues and I will be glad to help :)

  2. says

    (Hey Joe, since you said I could post over here and retain my links. :) )

    Re: the 10 minute Trainer and Beachbody

    Disclaimer: Yep, I’m a coach and yep, I like Shakeology.

    First, there’s one huge thing most people forget to mention about Beachbody: everything has a MINIMUM 30 day guarantee (P90X is 90, so you could complete it and still get a refund). Even if you consume all of whatever it is you bought, you get your money back. With Shakeology they make you mail the empty bag back, not sure about the policy on the other consumables.

    Yes, no one NEEDS supplements. I like them and think they are beneficial. Your cost/benefit analysis is your own decision. Again, free to try and I’m sure Joe will back me up and agree there’s no harm in trying and little to no monetary cost if you don’t like it for any reason. Convenience is another factor, and as a coach you get a 25% discount, and since it’s technically a business, there are tax writeoffs for at least a two year minimum. (I am not a CPA but mine told me this.)

    10 Minute trainer is modifiable just like P90X is. You can do no weights, small weights, etc. There are 5 different 10 minute workouts, so you can do one, or all 5 or whatever.

    The stacking means you might be doing a lung and lift combo. Each move is designed to work as many muscles as possible. You might balance on one leg while stretching a band over your head or hold the band in a position to work your biceps some while doing a squat against the band tension. And yes, you do go quickly from one to the other. P90X has more breaks, so this is challenging in it’s own way. Like Joe said, cardio and resistance are also combined. More resistance means muscles get sore and you burn more calories overall if the resistance is high enough. Or it’s a more intense workout in the same amount of time. Plus sense it’s in private, you can dress how you like, do it shoeless, don’t have to shower or comb your hair, etc. Time and expense wise, all the programs IMHO beat the heck out of the gym. For that aspect, subtract car mileage, time, getting your gear together, recurring gym expense vs. one time purchase, etc. All the programs have free forums as well, so there is an online support community that doesn’t cost anything and is available 24/7. People forget all the intangible benefits.

    I like it, and even though I’m primarily a P90X guy, I still use this sometimes when I’m in a hurry and just want to try to get something done.

  3. says

    P.S. Joe suggests going from 10 Minute Trainer to P90X.

    In the middle, there is P90. It is noticeably easier than P90X but Tony Horton is pretty dry in it. I like the bloopers, joking, and mistakes they left in P90X.

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